Letter to Editor: City hopes new light displays bring joy to community



The holidays are magical during this time of year but thanks to our Public Works crew and a crew from San Luis Valley Rural Electric, they have made it extra special.

The City along with matching grants from the LOR Foundation and the Robert Rawlings Foundation, the Public Works Director ordered several new lights, and decorations. The crews worked feverishly to put them up in time for the 2022 Parade of Lights.

This year was about more than dazzling lights, breathtaking displays, yummy hot chocolate and the presence of Santa. It was about a community coming together to enjoy what being part of a community means.

We want to cherish the memories and traditions that we are creating together and continue them for years to come. So, keep your eyes open as you drive around as there might be more to see between now and Christmas.

We also want to give thanks to San Luis Valley Rural Electric for helping put up the lights at the library and to Jen Becker for putting together such an amazing and wonderful parade of lights.

Also, a special thanks for the City Manager, Gigi Dennis, for having a vision for our community and reaching out to others to help make the vision become a reality.

This year's event was full of new displays and exciting experiences. We hope the event for 2022 brought joy of Christmas to our community.

Unit Vance
Monte Vista City Clerk