Wi-Fi hotspot opens at Center's Community Park

Courtesy Photo A public Wi-Fi hotspot is now available at Center Community Park.

CENTER — Ciello technicians installed a public Wi-Fi hotspot on March 4 at Center Community Park.

The Wi-Fi connection is available to the public for free and can be used during events or games held at the park or anytime community members or students are in need of an Internet connection. The password for the public Wi-Fi is ciellowifi.

Center School District’s Director of Technology Julio Paez commented, “We are very grateful to Ciello for all of the services they’ve provided to the Center School District and the Town of Center. Ciello has been a great partner since the beginning of our working relationship and particularly throughout this pandemic. No matter how small of a request, Ciello has helped us with things such as providing Wi-Fi services to stream our football games on short notice, coordinating Internet installs for students’ homes at the start of Center Schools switching to remote learning, and most importantly, providing us with reliable and fast Internet connections to our facilities. The most recent service was the public Wi-Fi connection at our Community Park. This will be very beneficial to our students and our community as a whole. We thank Ciello for having ‘our backs!’”

The newest location in Center joins Ciello’s other two public Wi-Fi hotspots — Chapman Park in Monte Vista (password: ciellowifi) and La Jara Town Park (password: ciellowifi2).

Ciello believes in giving back to the communities it serves. In these challenging times, Internet connections have become more important than ever.

"We hope this service is helpful to the residents of Center. We highly value our relationship with the Center School District and the Town of Center and applaud their efforts to help the community cope with these trying times,” stated Ciello’s Chief Technology Officer Monroe Johnson.