‘Draggin On Dirt’ drag races coming to town

SLV Fast Friends Larry Garner

Proceeds to benefit SLV 4-H Foundation’s Scholar Support Program

MONTE VISTA — Dirt drag racing at its best is coming back to town — June 2-4.

Every year, for many years, dirt drag racing was a part of Monte Vista. Three years ago, the racing drove out of town. This year it is roaring back with a vengeance, heading to town and bringing in tourists from all over the world. Director of SLV Fast Friends Larry Garner, in combination with the Optimystics Citizens Action Network, Rio Grande County, the City of Monte Vista, and the Best Western Movie Manor, are working together to bring “Draggin’ On Dirt” back to Mo

“This is drag racing on a hard-packed dirt surface,” said Garner, who was excited to talk about the event. “This is for old traditional hot rods; 20s, 30s, 40s some 50s cars and a couple of 60s cars. The cutoff date is 1964. It’s an eighth of a mile track. They don’t get much speed up, and it’s really not about that, it’s really just for fun. There aren’t any trophies for winning. There isn’t any money for winning. It’s just about two guys who think they can beat each other to the other end of the street, just like we did back in high school.”

Garner said he is expecting a big crowd for the races.

“We have got people coming from the East Coast, the West Coast and everywhere in between,” Garner said. “We’ve also got some of the major hot rod magazines talking about coming and covering the event. This looks like it’s going to be a big, big deal. I’ve spoken to people on the phone. I have gotten emails. We have the website up where people can preregister, and we have people who want to preregister. I announced that we were bringing this one-day last year, on Facebook, and the Movie Manor sold out a year in advance for these races. There are rooms that have been booked in other hotels too, in Del Norte, South Fork, and RV spaces have been rented for the event. We are expecting a huge event.”  

Garner said that along with the drag racing there will be vendors at the Movie Manor complex, along with food trucks, and a car show.

Garner said that on Saturday night, June 3, there will be a downtown block party in Monte Vista, complete with live music, and a slow cruise through town with all the cars on parade for everyone to see and enjoy.

Garner said SLV Fast Friends was supporting the races. He explained that the people that held the drag racing before did it to make money, while his event would be completely non-profit, and for the sole purpose of donating to the SLV 4-H Foundation’s Scholar Support Program, after expenses.

“All of the money that we make is going to the SLV 4-H Foundation, for their scholar support program,” Garner said. “This will benefit kids’ Valley wide. Our foundation has always raised money for kids. We started out by helping people with sick children. Everything we do is for the children. We have donated to Kids Connection, and many other programs. We are proud this year to be able to donate to the 4-H Foundation.”

Garner said that sponsorships were needed for the upcoming event.

“We don’t have packages. We have never really asked for a set amount,” Garner said. “We have always told people, whatever you are comfortable donating, we will take, and put it to good use. We are going to be making T-shirts, and we will put all the sponsors on the T-shirts, and posters, and the banners that we display out there. You know, we try to give people advertising for their sponsorships. Vendors are separate though; they will need to register with the Movie Manor complex.”

For more information, to preregister, or to become a sponsor or a donor, contact SLV Fast Friends founder and director Garner at [email protected], 719-588-8566, or visit the website at www.dragginondirt.com.