Council has special meeting to discuss policies and procedures at Ski Hi

MONTE VISTA — The Monte Vista City Council held a special meeting on Thursday, Jan. 13.

Ski Hi Events Manager Stephanie Ruybal requested that certain policies and procedures to rent the new building be added and approved by the City Council.

Ruybal said one of the policies and procedures was a request for a damage deposit in the amount of 25% of the total rental amount, unless the rental amount was less than $800, then it would be the minimum amount of $200.

Ruybal also said that if the city or facility management deemed it necessary to have EMT or medical personnel present at an event, then it would be the sole responsibility of the renter to provide the EMT or medical personnel at the event.

The additions to the Ski Hi policies and procedures were unanimously approved by the council. 

City Manager Gigi Dennis spoke about a proposed contract with 8760 Solar Solutions that would add a 2-kilowatt solar unit underneath the electronic sign at the Ski Hi complex.

"It does not have a very big footprint, so it would not hinder parking or anything like that,” Dennis said. “The company providing this would also like to put up a sign that says, "We are 8760 Solar Solutions.'”

Dennis said the company has done solar installations around the San Lui Valley. 8760 Solar Solutions would maintain the solar unit for five years and then turn it over to the city.

Dennis said this solar addition could lead to grants and possibly more solar at the complex.

Dennis said the company would like to get started on the addition right away and that there would be no charge for materials or installation.

Dennis also stated that the solar gift to the city was worth an estimated $50,000.  

City Attorney Michael Trujillo said they need more information before accepting the contract, but that it seems like a good proposition for the city.

Standard talk amongst council members showed that everyone agreed that it was a good offer, but that a more extensive contract was needed to close the deal with the solar company.

Further discussion regarding the solar company and solar unit will be held at a later date. The next City Council meeting will be held on Jan. 20.