Scrumpy Moos hosts grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony


MONTE VISTA — Scrumpy Moos is a new restaurant on Adams Street in Downtown Monte Vista.

The restaurant hosted its big grand opening celebration on Saturday, Aug. 26. Approximately 40 people attended the celebration hosted by restaurant owners Wendy M. Davidson and her husband Tim Davidson.

Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce Manager Heather Hillin and board president Linda Burnett were at the ribbon cutting ceremony with Optimystics Citizen’s Action Network president Adam Lock. The two groups collaborated on the ceremony.

The ribbon was cut a few minutes after 10 a.m. and the Davidsons received a plaque from the Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce.

“We want to welcome this business to our community, and we are excited to have you here,” Hillin said.

With tears in her eyes, Wendy thanked everyone that attended the ceremony and spoke about the restaurant and how her dream had come true.

“I have had tears in my eyes since this morning,” Wendy said. “I told my husband, Tim, when we were driving this morning, did you ever think we would get to this point. We had always talked about the pipe dream of opening a restaurant and being in such a great community. Well, here we are living our dream. I can’t believe how this community has been just so amazing.”

Wendy described their food as “stick to your ribs.” Everything is made from scratch.

“We have been eating in this Valley for five years. There is such good food everywhere, Mexican food, Thai food, I mean all the food is good. Our food is good too, the stick to your rib’s kind of food,” she said. “Our goal is to make people happy with some good old-fashioned home cooked meals. We look forward to feeding everyone. We are so excited, and we feel so blessed. We feel this is the best time for us to open here, too. The community is growing, businesses are growing. It’s a great place to be here on Adams Street. I have been thinking of all the festivals that are held here and I can’t wait to be a part of them, and all the upcoming holidays.”

Tim, who has played Santa Claus in Monte Vista’s Parade of Lights, said he was giddy about the grand opening.

“I am giddy about this grand opening today. This was a natural progression, and I am so excited for the amount of support that we have gotten from the mayor, from everyone,” Tim said. “Everyone has just been great to us. They have asked what we can do to make this easier for you. You know you are doing the right thing when everything falls together, it’s just meant to be. This has been 6 years in the making. We have been searching for a good bowl of soup and we decided to make our own. This has all been amazing it truly has. We are excited to see this and do this. My wife is the most amazing woman and business partner, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Scrumpy Moos is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and serves home-cooked food, including fish and chips, chicken and fries, chicken parmesan sandwiches, pasta and lasagna, and hearty barbecue.