Ribbon cutting held for Meyers new agent for Farm Bureau Insurance


MONTE VISTA — Farm Bureau Insurance held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, Jan. 11, 247 Adams St.

Meyers smiled as he cut the ribbon at the ceremony and spoke about how he felt at the ceremony.

“Monte Vista is so welcoming. The ribbon cutting was awesome,” Meyers said. “It makes me very happy at just how well I have been received in the community. It’s kind of a big deal for me. I am from Michigan, so the people in Monte Vista have made me feel as close to home as I could possibly be, and I appreciate it. I just joined the Farm Bureau as an agent in November, I am relatively new, I have been a long-time Farm Bureau customer, but new to being an agent. I am very excited and happy to be in the Monte Vista community with this.”

Meyers is no stranger to agriculture. He has been a part of agriculture his entire life. He was born and raised on a crop farm in Michigan and has a cattle ranch. He has had the ranch for about 3 years now.

“I always wanted to be involved with cattle, I raise Scottish Highlands, do AAC registered breeding stock.”

Meyers stated that his reason for joining Farm Bureau Insurance as an agent had a lot to do with his love of farming.

“Farm Bureau inspired me with the way that they want to help local farmers and ranchers in the area, and across the state,” Meyers said. “I had somebody reach out to me from the insurance side of Farm Bureau, they had heard about my successful businesses in Michigan and kind of wanted to see if I was interested in working with Farm Bureau. It just all worked out together. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing that worked out really well.”

Meyers said Monte Vista was a “perfect fit.”

“As I was driving through Monte Vista, I always thought, man if I was going to move again, it would be to Monte Vista,” he said. “When the agency offered me the office in Monte Vista, I snatched it up. There were a couple of different options, but the one in Monte Vista was the perfect fit for me.”

Meyers took over the office on 247 Adams St. Meyers stated he was not sure why the prior agents left, but he was excited to be at the agency.

“Since I took over the office, there was already a big client base. We have been working on growing the client base more, too. That has been going better than I hoped for. Being a new agent, I thought it would be a rough, rocky start, but everything has been going great, really smooth. Again, I have been well received in the community and it has just been awesome. I thank everyone in the community for that,” he said.

Meyers is excited about the Southern Rocky Mountain Agriculture Conference early next month in Monte Vista.

“We have a spot at the ag conference already. We plan on doing a raffle. We are going to buy a Yeti cooler and fill it with some bison meat. We are going to raffle that off. We are probably going to have people sign up for a free quote from our agency to enter to win. I am very excited about the upcoming conference,” he said.

Meyers thanked everyone who helped him get his start with the agency, including the two representatives that came from Denver to help him, the Monte Vista Community, the OptiMystics and the Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on Farm Bureau Insurance, visit the agency at 247 Adams St. in Monte Vista.