Resident trying to open a non-profit diesel mechanic school

Linares says there is a need for one in the Valley


MONTE VISTA — Joseph Linares wants to open a diesel mechanic school for the San Luis Valley. Linares believes the school could help with education and productivity in the Valley.

“There are so many residents that this could benefit, not just younger kids but anyone who is interested in diesel mechanics and learning this trade,” he said.

Linares is the owner of American Diesel in Monte Vista. Linares and his wife have been thinking about building the school for some time.

Linares sold tickets last year to win a 1991 high mobility multi-wheeled vehicle to help build a school. He has also held many yard and garage sales and other fundraising events to build the school.

Linares also holds online free teaching courses from his shop in Monte Vista, for anyone who is interested in learning diesel mechanics and the trade.

Linares would head up the school, once it is open, and he would teach diesel mechanics to anyone who is interested for free.

“This has been a dream of mine for a long time,” he said. “TSJC (Trinidad State Junior College) closed their local school, and there are so many students that are graduating that want to learn these skills, so many jobs that we could bring to the Valley with this school. I want to expand the school and offer the opportunity to as many people as I can. This is a way to really boost our economy in town. This is a way we can enable people to really learn a new trade and put it to use here. We may even have people wanting to move here to attend our school.”

Linares said he is looking into more funding opportunities to get the school going.

“Every business starts with a dream,” he said. “I have spoken to Evette Atencio with the LOR Foundation, and I am also looking at grants and lots of fundraising this summer. I have a dream for the Valley and I believe I can accomplish this and help the economy here grow, and boost job opportunities for everyone, too. There is so much opportunity for people here with this school. I am hoping to turn this into something real very soon.”