Monte Vista Police Department and Monte Vista Elks hold a Bike Rodeo


MONTE VISTA — It was a sunny afternoon with just enough breeze to keep the trees moving, as about 12 children enjoyed the Bike Rodeo that was held over at Fullenwider Park in Monte Vista on Saturday, June 11, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

There were two vendors, including the Monte Vista Band Boosters, and the Monte Vista Softball Boosters, selling cotton candy, water, chips, cookies, and snacks for $1 each, and there was a bouncy house in the middle of the park for the kids to enjoy. 

Children were given free food, including hamburgers and snacks, and children could be seen entering the bouncy house and giggling and laughing, along with a few kids on bikes driving up and down the little road by the park, and along the sidewalk in the park, with huge smiles across their faces. 

Members from the Monte Vista Fire Department attended the Bike Rodeo in the morning, and many of the members of the Monte Vista Elks were at the rodeo as well.  

Monte Vista Police Department Officer Dillion Golden was on site for the rodeo and was enthusiastic about the turnout. 

“We have a little obstacle course that we lined out for the kids, and they really liked that,” Golden said. “I am here teaching bike safety to the kids. Teaching the kids, the importance of watching traffic and traffic signals, making sure the kids are watching for stop signs. I am also teaching the kids to wear helmets when they can. I also want to make sure that the kids realize that a lot of this carries over to when they are driving in a few years. The kids are having a lot of fun and learning bike safety at the same time.”  

Mary Gallegos was at the park with her granddaughter Mariana Moreno. 

“My granddaughter was talking about this all week,” Gallegos said. “One of her friends told her to meet her at the park so they could ride bikes together. She asked me all week to bring her and today she was all smiles to come down here. I like that the people from the Elks and from the police also lent some of the kids a bike if they didn’t have one. I think that was really a sweet thing to do. Not all the kids have bikes, it would be nice to see a big fundraiser in our town to buy children bikes that don’t have any. The kids are really having fun out here. Kids like bikes and they are safe. There is a cop out here teaching the kids how to be safe on bikes by wearing a helmet. It’s nice to be out here with my granddaughter today and have fun with her.”  

Child Connor Alley was excited at the Bike Rodeo and held up his helmet and smiled for a picture.

“It’s fun,” he said, smiling for the camera.