Michael Kukuk


Michael was born Aug. 26, 1995, at Gunnison Valley Hospital to Robert and Janelle Kukuk.

He was a miracle baby that they had waited so long to have and hold, and really had given up hope of conceiving a child prior to his conception. As a young boy he enjoyed playing around Santa Maria Reservoir with his little sister Melanie and all the other visiting kids in the summers, this really shaped him into who he was and what he loved to do. He wasn't too happy though when he asked for a puppy and his parents returned with his sister, "Beeps", her forever nickname because he couldn't say baby.

He spent his teenage summers working with Melanie at Freemon's. They first started by filling condiment bottles and scooping ice cream and worked their way up to flipping burgers. He grew up as his dad's right-hand man; always wanting to help.

Many know about his love for snowmobiling, but it didn't begin until he got a ‘95 vintage Arctic Cat. He was terrified of that machine, until he realized he could master it, then that's exactly what he did. He was an avid and skillful snowmobiler, and it was an amazing thing to be able to witness. He was recognized in 2012, with a broken wrist sustained while jumping his sled, as snowmobiler of the year.

He had an innate sense for anything mechanical and loved to tinker. As a teenager, he worked on a ‘69 Chevy K10, and in adulthood he loved his collector car — a ‘76 Corvette. Many memories were made in that 76 Corvette with his wife, Jennah and his three daughters. He loved to show it off to the world and he was so proud of it.

Michael was married twice and had four children through these two marriages: Darcy, Jayda, Bristol, and Robert. He was the kind of man who accepted another man's child as his own; a really special kind of man. He always had a passion to love and be loved and this showed through his marriages and his love for all four children. His love was a wondrous thing to feel. Many fond memories were made in his marriage to Jennah: snowmobiling as a couple and with friends, going to Minnesota, a trip to Ouray, multiple spring flings with friends, late-night talks of life's adventures yet to be had, and best of all; a beautiful, blended family was created.

He was always willing to extend a helping hand to those in need. He had a deep love for all of his animals: Thor, Freya, Kitty, and even their chickens.

He had a drive to work that was unmatched and admirable. His love for trees and passion for work propelled him to start and operate his own tree service for the last seven years. He did an extraordinary job working in very intimidating work environments. His children always enjoyed the crane rides he would give bringing them high up into the air.

He was a devoted husband, father, son, grandson, brother, brother-in-law, nephew, and friend who showed his compassion and love often to all of his loved ones. Through life and death, he will always be remembered as a loving, funny, ambitious, thoughtful, generous, adventurous, charming, and beautiful human.

Michael is survived by his wife Jennah Kukuk, his children Darcy Kukuk, Jayda Graber-Kukuk, Bristol Kukuk, and Robert Kukuk, his parents Robert and Janelle Kukuk, his maternal grandparents James and Laverne Lambert, his sister Melanie Dickey and her husband Andy Dickey, and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends.

He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents Coleman and Joan Kukuk.