It's cold in them there hills


KEVIN KIRKPATRICK Having worked outside all my life in blizzards and cold conditions, I am somewhat a little more prepared for something like this when it hits but this time it all seems so rude.

Tonight, temperatures are to dip down to the single digits and that's darned cold for Texas where I currently reside. And to top that off, the furnace in the RV went on vacation and even though I had a repairman come out, I guess he didn't get it fixed after all.

It is fortuitous that Miss Trixie and I were asked to babysit Grand #1 and #2 as we are at their cozy home and at least for another night, can relax in comfort. I did get a part ordered for the furnace and am watching for its arrival with bated breath and probably bated breath according to Miss Trixie who has to live in close proximity to me.

We do have some space heaters and I will go out to the Ponderosa and see if they even take the chill off the camper or if we are going to have to make other plans to sleep somewhere else when the number 1 son comes home.

I had to go out there today to make sure the cows had food and water and it was about all I could do to hook up a hose and give them water then drain it again. But I got it done and they were happy and went over and laid in the hay by the feeder.

I do have the fattest cattle in Texas and they showed their true colors today not only eating a lot but just laying up afterwards like tourists on a cruise ship enjoying the view. Not a twitch or shiver one from them and I think that honestly, they are probably cool for the first time since enduring the Texas summer.

So as i mentioned, I have spent some time indoors of late and so got to watch some late season football on the tube. The Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Miami Dolphins in Kansas City and also included temperatures down in the minus 10 range and that was without the wind chill. It looked miserable and there were warnings for people to not leave the house but some 76,000 ranting, cheering, brave and crazy souls braved those temperatures and attended the game.

Most of them were dressed from head to tail in every imaginable piece of cast off and purchased cold weather gear and I hope none of them are worse for the wear from attending the game. And a few nutty folk were even cheering the Chiefs on without shirts or hats or gloves. I can almost guarantee you that these are the same people that can't make it to work if a snowflake falls anywhere within 100 miles too.

Following that game time with the Dallas Cowboys non-show against the Green Bay Packers and poor Miss Trixie, ever a Boys fan got so disgusted with their poor performance that she got up and cooked supper. So, it worked out well for Ol’ Dutch as I sure didn't have a dog in that fight and could care less who wins.  I guess I am not much of a fan of any team as I will root for both teams if they make a good play.

True to their Texas roots, all the chatter online is about how “next year” is the year for sure for sure. And how the quarterback hurt his pinky and that was why it was so bad of a showing.

Wherever this week finds you, keep warm and safe in the days ahead as they look to be even colder than they have been at least for a while. And if you are lucky, maybe your beloved’s team will lose, and you will get a good supper out of it at the least.

Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV or hike daily. His email is Additional news can be found at