Howard, Watson lead in MV City Council election


SAN LUIS VALLEY —The ballot for this year’s election was limited with voters being presented with a smaller than typical number of decisions to be made.

Statewide, voters decided on Proposition HH.

A “yes” vote lowers property taxes owed, allows the state to keep additional money that would otherwise be refunded to taxpayers, temporarily changes how taxpayer TABOR refunds are distributed and creates a new property tax limit for most local governments.

A “no” vote maintains current law for property taxes, TABOR refunds and state and local government revenue limits.

As of 8 p.m., Proposition HH received 679,346 (60.76%) no votes and 406,621 (33.96%) yes votes

Statewide, voters also decided on Proposition II.

A “yes” vote allows states to keep and spend $23,650,000 in tax revenue that has already been collected from the sale of cigarettes, tobacco products and nicotine products and to maintain the current tax rates on cigarettes, tobacco products and nicotine products. The tax revenue will be spent on preschool programs.

A “no” vote means that $23,65 million will be refunded to wholesalers and distributors of cigarettes, tobacco product and nicotine products and tax rates on those products will be reduced.

As of 8 p.m., Proposition II received 684,576 (66.04%) yes votes to 352,082 (33.96%) no votes.

Monte Vista City Council

Two seats on the Monte Vista City Council were being decided by voters on Tuesday and based on initial unofficial results, incumbent Loren Howard (431 votes) had a sizeable lead while newcomer Bradley Watson (324) held a slim lead for the second seat over newcomer Sheila Sanders (316) and incumbent Martha Lock (297).

Sanford School District BOE

Three four-year terms and one two-year term was up for grabs on the Sanford School District Board of Education on Tuesday.

Initial unofficial results showed Brock Canty (248 votes), Austin Miller (196) and Ryan Keith Reynolds (188) leading in the four-year term races, followed by Joshua C. Jones (165) and Micah Lanar Larson (165).

In the two-year term contest, Dylan S. Mortenson had 271 votes and was well ahead of Thomas Dale Rodgers with 114 votes.

Center Consolidated School District BOE

Two at-large seats on the Center Consolidated School District Board of Education were before voters on Tuesday. According to initial unofficial results, Lloyd M. Garcia (295 votes) and Richard J. Barela (138) were the top two, followed by Marisa Renee Aguilar (85) and Pablo M. Lopez (74).

Kimberlee Ann Duran ran unopposed to represent District C on the Center BOE.

Center Fire Protection District Issue 7A

Center voters were slightly in favor (56.77 percent) of increasing Center Fire Protection District Taxes $86,752 annually beginning in collection year 2024 and by such amount as may be generated there after by the imposition of an additional two mill levy increase bringing the total mill levy to 6.924 mills to maintain and improve fire protection, emergency services, and ambulance services.

Creede School District BOE

Incumbents Kara Jo Brittain (408) and Casey Adelman (341) based on initial unofficial results on Tuesday were on the way to retaining their seats on the Creede School District Board of Education over Lori Heinrich (251).