Extended tax deadline is still Oct. 17


MONTE VISTA — Oct. 17 remains the deadline for people with a processed extension to file for 2021 tax year.

Many Coloradans are also wondering about the state’s recent TABOR refunds, and if they can still apply. Colorado will be accepting tax returns, for TABOR refunds, through Oct. 17. 

People with an extension in place may want to call a local tax office and make an appointment, or seek a place to file online, as the deadline of Oct. 17, is fast approaching.

Also, Colorado residents have been given an extension on the TABOR Colorado Tax refund. The TABOR refund comes from taxes that have been collected by the state, that exceed TABOR limits.

Colorado residents that file a State Income Tax Return by Oct. 17 are eligible to receive a Colorado TABOR Tax refund.  The requirements to receive a TABOR refund: Individuals who were over 18 years of age before Dec. 31, 2021, qualify for the TABOR refund, as long as they were also a Colorado resident for the entire tax year of 2021.

Many Colorado residents, who filed by the original June 30 deadline, have already received their TABOR refund. Residents who file by Oct. 17, can expect to see their TABOR refund no later than January of 2022.  

The Colorado Office of Taxation is asking all residents who have not received their refund if they filed by June 30, to allow until the date of Sept. 30, before they start to call regarding their TABOR refund.

Social Security recipients who do not normally file taxes, or people that have other forms of non-taxable income and do not normally file taxes are still eligible for the TABOR refund, as long as they filed a Colorado Tax return by Oct. 17.

There are some requirements and additional information you will need to know when filing a Colorado tax return for the TABOR Refund. For more information, contact a local tax office or go to co.colorado.gov.