Creede Hargraves to join SLV REC board


MONTE VISTA— San Luis Valley REC held its annual meeting on Tuesday, June 14, at the new Outcalt Event and Conference at SLV Ski Hi Complex in Monte Vista.

Following the count by a third party, it was determined that contender Creede Hargraves will replace incumbent Kip Nagy as the Mineral/Hinsdale County (District 6) director.

“San Luis Valley REC appreciates the time and commitment Nagy has given to REC’s members and wishes him the best of the luck in the future,” officials stated.

Hargraves is a retired, full-time resident of Creede. He spent 48 years in construction-related industries. This includes 27 years as an electrician, with 20 years in industrial power and control systems.

When deciding to run for the REC board, Hargraves said, “I have long-term experience in large, end-user electrical distribution systems including interconnect agreements and cogeneration facilities, that included interfacing with utility generation and distribution systems. Additionally, I have a high degree of knowledge of energy infrastructure - including natural gas, electric, renewable energy and cogeneration. I believe my career experience can provide a helpful degree of knowledge toward the efficient operation of the SLVREC. As a director, I would see my role as providing representation to my constituent membership's interests, for the net benefit to the entirety of this member-owned utility.”