4-H members donate to SLV endowment fund for second 4-H agent


MONTE VISTA — At a Christmas party on Sunday, Dec. 17, Colorado State University San Luis Valley Area Extension Director Larry Brown happily received a $1,000 donation to the San Luis Valley endowment fund from the Udder Delight Dairy Goats 4-H Club.

The club is made up of children from throughout the Valley and the purpose of the endowment is to permanently fund a second 4-H agent.

“Almost everyone has asked are the 4-Hers and their families putting in on this,” Brown said. “People have stated that they would sure feel even better if the 4-Hers are putting in on this. I can’t tell you how important and generous it is that the 4-H club is donating this $1,000. Thank you all so much.”

Brown said they are currently working on hiring a second 4-H agent. The San Luis Valley is “too big for just one person,” and there are too many clubs for just one person.

“In years past, we have almost always had two 4-H agents, except for about the last 12 years,” Brown said. “Funding has not been good enough to keep a second 4-H agent.”

The Outcalt Foundation, which helped build the new Ski Hi complex building in Monte Vista, gave “us enough money for three years to go ahead and hire another 4-H agent right now. ...but it’s just enough for 3 years,” Brown said.

Brown explained that endowment in simple terms is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization, which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose.

“We are starting a campaign to raise $3 million. We want to use this to make that second 4-H agent position permanent. So, this won’t just last two or five years down the road, we want it to last 30 or 40 years down the road, to help pay a second agent,” he said.

Brown said if they are successful the second 4-H Youth Development will be permanent and provide sustainability.

The Udder Delight Dairy Goats 4-H Club held a meeting, enjoyed a potluck lunch, and received some Christmas presents.

The CSU Extension office is currently taking donations for the endowment fund. For more information on this effort, contact the SLV Extension Office directly at 719-852-7381.