Schlabach threatened with violence

MONTE VISTA—After making comments at the end of the Thursday, Feb. 22 Monte Vista City Council meeting that some have deemed controversial, Councilor Joe Schlabach alleges he has been threatened with physical violence.

According to Schlabach, on Monday, Feb. 26 two men threatened to beat him with a baseball bat and burn down his house. This threat came after the two men attempted to convince Schlabach to resign his position which he did not agree to do.

In a statement posted on Monday, Feb. 26 Schlabach said the following: “Tonight I was physically threatened by two men who were trying to get me to resign from my council seat. The statement I made at the February 22, 2018 council meeting was controversial and it made them mad. When they found they could not control me they resorted to threatening to beat me with a bat and burn down my house. Agree or disagree with the statement I made, I have a right to my opinion. The last time I checked this was still America and freedom of speech is a thing. If you believe what I said and how I said it is wrong, start a recall election, don’t try to silence me with threats of bodily harm.”

Schlabach has contacted the Monte Vista Police Department and a report has been filed. According to Schlabach, the exchange may have been audio recorded.

The threat of physical violence towards an elected official may constitute a felony.

Valley Publishing will report further details and identities as they are made available by law enforcement.

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