New police officers sworn in at MV City Council meeting

Photo courtesy of City of Monte Vista The City of Monte Vista added new officers to its force and held a swearing-in ceremony during the City Council meeting on June 16.

MONTE VISTA — The Monte Vista City Council held a meeting on June 16. A ceremony was held to swear in new police officers for the city.

Monte Vista Police Department Chief George Dingfelder attended the meeting and said, “First, thank you guys for supporting us. It’s nice that we are finally at full staff. I want to thank you for holding this ceremony.”

Dingfelder explained how most of the officers had already started.

“We will have four officers come up. Anne Robinson 37 years in law enforcement, retired sergeant major for the state patrol, started March 1 of 2022 with Monte Vista PD. Currently running in the polls for Rio Grande County Sherriff. Next is Brandon Sanchez, who previously worked at the Alamosa County Jail, started with Monte Vista PD on Dec. 20, 2021, as Code Enforcement, graduated from the academy and is currently in field training. Next is Brittany Martinez, who previously worked at Alamosa County Jail, graduated from the academy in 2020; started with Monte Vista PD on May 26, and is currently FTO. Last but not least, Mr. Daniel Golden, first career law enforcement, graduated from the academy on May 13, and is currently FTO. So, welcome aboard.”

Dingfelder then swore in the officers and said, “Congratulations.” As he shook each new officer’s hand.

At the same meeting, Mayor Dale Becker proclaimed that June 20-26 will be Amateur Radio week in Monte Vista.

A special presentation was held at the meeting by the owner of San Luis Valley Voices and the Comm Shack, Adam Lock.

Lock gave a presentation on amateur radio and explained many of the facets of amateur radio and what the radio can do in terms of helping the community.

“I am a licensed amateur radio operator. My call letters are WA2JAL,” Lock said. “I’ve kept up with HAM Radio as it’s commonly known for several decades. I am one of the founding members of the San Luis Valley Amateur Radio Association, we are also known as SARA. This year I actually have the honor of serving as their president. We operate under the call letters of K0SLV, and our website can be found under We are a registered 501C3 nonprofit organization. Around the Valley there are well over 100 of us licensed HAMS. We do offer periodic licensing opportunities and now even classes. The purpose for our presentation tonight is the first to introduce you to our group and the second to ask for your support in our mission and efforts.”

Lock went on to explain how his group started. He also introduced his board trustee Dave Newmyer.

“It was a concept and a dream of ours for many years,” Lock said. “Our mission is very simple to promote amateur radio in the Valley, United States, and the world. To provide instruction to new people interested, and to help provide emergency communications to communities in the San Luis Valley when needed.”

Lock then showed a mini video on amateur radio to the council. Lock also explained how when there was a major Xcel Energy outage that occurred last year, and how when the Monte Vista Fire occurred this year, that amateur radio was a part of all that and helped keep up with communications and information for the Valley.

Lock also gave a demonstration with other HAM Radio members to show how with a tiny radio device, different members were linked to each other and able to provide information back and forth.

Lock invited everyone to attend an amateur radio event at Chapman Park on Saturday, June 25, from noon until sundown. Lock explained the exercise is called Field Day and he explained they would be contacting other HAM radio operators and demonstrating radio and emergency situations that may call for help with HAM radio.

Lock explained that they are also looking into grants to help support their radio communication efforts and asked the city if they would be willing to help with a letter of support for any grants that the organization may apply for.

City Manager Gigi Dennis spoke to Lock after his presentation and asked if an antenna at City Hall could aid in his efforts with communications. Lock said that it would, but it would not have to be that big.

Dennis announced that because the city was due some possible help for a generator, the city might also be able to look into some extra equipment that Lock might need for the communications system, providing that they could find something that might help through Homeland Security.

Lock thanked Dennis and the City Council for the opportunity.

At the same meeting, City Council members extended the current fire ban that was in place for Monte Vista, for another 30 days.

Kathleen Kregor of the One Cent Committee also attended the meeting and requested that the city help the committee find two other members. The council agreed to help Kregor find two members.

Aneka Velasquez announced that Kid’s Connection is doing well.

“The kids have been great; the heat has been amazing,” Velasquez said. “Just some numbers for you guys, in the past three weeks I have put together over 1,000 meals since we have been operating our summer program.”

Velasquez explained that AT&T and Action 2022 were working together on a project and giving away 200 laptops.

“Kid’s Connection received five new laptops and we are so excited to put those to good use,” Velasquez said.

City Manager Dennis also made mention of the laptops and was pleased with Kid’s Connection being given the five Laptops.

Dennis also announced that a company out of Buena Vista wants to bring in an electric charging station, contingent upon the company receiving a grant. Dennis mentioned that the charger would be installed at the Fassett Parking lot behind Rain Brews.

“We are pretty excited about that; I think this would work out really well with the city,” Dennis said. “They would maintain it, and we would also get a little bit of a franchise fee for it, so that’s a positive.”

Dennis also announced that the council needs to reappoint two of the zoning committee members, as there was no specific term for it, but they do need to be reappointed every two years, and the two years have come due.

Stephanie Ruybal also announced that there is a new phone number for the Outcalt Conference and Event Center and the number is 719-490-8833.

The next City Council meeting will be held on July 7.


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