Charizma Salon and Spa hosts 40th Anniversary celebration

Photos by Marie Mccolm Owner Donna Davis and former owner and hairdresser Yvette Cooley and staff pose for the 40th-anniversary celebration at Charizma Salon and Spa on Friday, Nov. 18.

MONTE VISTA — On Friday, Nov. 18 from 5 to 9 p.m. Charizma Salon and Spa hosted an anniversary celebration, commemorating 40 years in business in Monte Vista.

Charizma Salon and Spa was laid out with balloons and lights, for the anniversary celebration, with cheers to 40 years all over the shop. There were at least 40 people in attendance at the shop, everyone was dressed up and having a good time. People could be seen smiling and enjoying the celebration. 

The current owner, Donna Davis, was at the celebration and was smiling from ear to ear. Davis couldn’t be prouder of the salon she owns and operates.

“There are 11 Esthetician hairdressers that work here,” Davis said. “We see at least 10 clients a day per hairdresser, so we probably see two or 300 people a week here. We truly have good support of our community, and we have good people here. We lift each other up. It feels good to be a business owner. How many people can say that they own a business that has operated for 40 years. My son and I moved here, and we remodeled this building. We put the walls up, we painted it, we decorated all of this, everybody that worked here pitched in. I am very proud of my workers, and to be the owner here. This is more than just a hair salon this is a community.”

Davis spoke about her reasons for buying the Salon and Spa.

“I was a teacher for a long time, and I didn’t have that job anymore, I was waitressing, and I really didn’t’ know what I was going to do,” Davis said. “I visited with the then owner Trudy, and she wanted to sell it. I thought about it, and I thought wow that would be something to own Charizma. I have always loved Charizma, and it felt like a good challenge. I mean in my mind, amazing hairdressers worked at Charizma, and I was a hairdresser, so to own Charizma was like wow, that would be something. This has been a wonderful journey, and this has just grown. We have a doctor in here that does Botox, facials, estheticians, eyelashes. I am very proud of this business. I am blessed.” 

Davis is the fourth owner of Charizma Salon and Spa. The Salon was opened back in 1982, by Yvette Cooley.

Cooley, who was also at the party, said, “I remember going to beauty college over in Durango, I was a young girl with a lot of big ideas and thought I needed my own business. So, I went to the Bank of Monte Vista and got myself a loan and started Charizma and I have worked here ever since. I owned the business for 20 years, then I sold it to Lisa Ellithorpe, and she sold it to Trudy Silverman, and Trudy sold it to the current owner Donna Davis. So, this place has had four different owners in 40 years. I had another job that was very demanding, that’s why I decided to sell, but I have always worked here even if it’s only one day a week. I have clients that I have done hair for, for 40 years. I am very proud to be here tonight for the 40-year anniversary celebration.”

Cooley talked about the current owner Davis with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“When Donna bought the business, I was so proud of her, I remember cutting her hair when she was just 14 years old,” Cooley said. “I remember hugging her and thanking her for continuing the legacy here when she bought the Salon. Donna has done such a wonderful job here. Well and 40 years open in Monte Vista, is a pretty big accomplishment. There will always be a sense of community in the shop. It's so wonderful to know that so many people are loyal here, many have come here for 40 years to get their hair cut too. I believe this is a place that will last, and I am proud to be a part of it all and proud of Donna, the people that work here, and the community. Here’s to 40 years.” 

Charizma Hair Salon is located at 43 North Broadway in Monte Vista.

Photos by Marie Mccolm Owner Donna Davis and former owner and hairdresser Yvette Cooley and staff pose for the 40th-anniversary celebration at Charizma Salon and Spa on Friday, Nov. 18.

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